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Phoenix Garage Doors Repair

Whenever you find yourself thinking about getting a new home garage door, or having your old one replaced or upgraded, contact Phoenix Garage Doors Repair, a professional company that best knows the steps to transforming your home from a functional one into a very aesthetically pleasing one. Phoenix Garage Doors Repair provides you with full and certified garage door installation services starting with the opener installation, extension springs assembly and torsion spring pre-assembly, then the door section pre-assembly, backhang and finally the set-up of optional accessories. We do it all. 

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We are ready to supply you with the best set up services for your desired residential garage door and help you choose among the variety of doors available, from wood, steel, and aluminum to wood composite, vinyl and fiberglass. Phoenix Garage Doors Repair advises our customers to focus not only on material and appearance when choosing their home garage door, but also on resistance and energy efficiency. There are insulated garage doors that bring unparalleled warmth and security to your home.

We can provide you with installation services of any type of garage door or mechanism that would adorn it or add even more safety to your home, as well. We can easily do the set up of any type of openers from chain-drive ones to the quietest and smoothest ones: belt-drive openers. Phoenix Garage Doors Repair’s full and secure installation service include: attaching hardware to the door section, placing sections in the opening, installing track, rollers, and attaching springs and connecting the cables. Homeowners can opt for installing additional safety features to their residential garage doors. Just make sure you choose Phoenix Garage Doors Repair to install everything relevant to the garage door, as we keep up to date with the latest technical and security features that your garage door and house need: photoelectric sensors, remote controls, and more.

Some of the garage doors mechanisms are easy to install by yourself, but what if you need more than just a set up? Call Phoenix Garage Doors Repair to be sure that all the work installation is done perfectly and securely for your family’s safety and well-being. Phoenix Garage Doors Repair can install the newer openers that have security switches you can turn off while on vacation, or a rolling access code that changes every time it is used, or a remote control for your home garage door opener. We advise you to follow your garage safety instructions as soon as you have your new home garage door installed.

Phoenix Garage Doors Repair Phoenix Garage Doors Repair’s purpose is to make you satisfied by granting you the installation services you need. So, call us now at xxx-xxx-xxxx! You won’t regret it! We will gladly provide you with a price estimate for your convenience, or with any other information that you might need. Ask us more about garage door openers, springs and the different types of doors available. We install everything relevant to your garage door.